Carolina Antonietta Vegni was born as a painter but fell in love with digital art, in particular with an art that portrays the Japanese aristocracy and their traditions in the medieval era also called Heian, with starry skies and the universe in general. The other great passion are the representations of dragons.


My name is Ilaria, an expert Social Media Manager and a passionate artist and performer. I live in a world where creativity meets technology, combining the best of digital marketing and contemporary art. In my role as a Social Media Manager, I help companies navigate the ever changing social media landscape. I create effective and engaging content strategies that allow brands to authentically connect with their online audience, maximizing their social media presence. As an artist and performer, my passion extends to the field of visual art and performance. My artworks and live performances challenge the traditional boundaries of art and explore the broad spectrum of human expression. Frida Kahlo, one of my inspirations, said: "Painting has completed my life".


Manuela Dore is a self-taught artist, she loves drawing and creating. Her pictorial research led her to become fascinated with portraiture and she loves music, in fact most of her portraits prefer subjects related to music.


"Every child is an artist..... the problem is to remain an artist when you grow up..... " picasso


Yves Pergolari artist by passion and self-taught since 2018, his works are mainly inspired by his emotions but also by space and nature.



Exploit is a handcrafted and made in Italy product born from the creativity and designs of Giulia Covelli. Qualified craftsmen follow the production of the jewels from the cutting of the brass to the gilding, from the enamelling to the careful packaging. Each product is branded to guarantee its authenticity and is a unique piece.

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